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Sunday, August 05, 2018 4:56:55 PM

Sixth sense- why do we need to belief malcom crowe is alive essays The Sixth Sense The sixth sense is a supernatural horror. The story is about Dr Malcolm Crowe who is a child psychologist haunted by the painful memory of a disturbed young patient he could not help. So when he meets Cole Sear a frightened, confused eight years old with a similar condition. Dr Malcolm Crowe tries to make up by doing everything he can. The discovery of Cole’s sixth sense leads them both to peculiar and unexpected consequences. The film relies on the camera angle, body language and the facial expressions. Also it relies on our assumptions to make it work. The purpose of the film is to make us believe Malcolm Crowe is alive up to the very end. You are suppose to think that he is alive and a normal person. At the beginning you are also suppose to think that Cole is totally normal and is just having problems because his mum and dad have split up. At the beginning of this scene you see Coles mother and Dr Malcolm Crowe sitting down, then Cole walks in and his mother gets up to greet Cole and takes his coat. Hen his mother makes up her day and then Cole also makes up his day. We do not see them talking to one another but we assume that Dr Malcolm Crowe has introduce himself and been let in to wait for Cole. When Coles mother goes to greet Cole, Malcolm’s facial expression tell us he’s happy. This scene is so important later on in the film because it makes you realised they were just sitting there, also we now realise why we were not showed Malcolm entering the house because he can go through walls. This would have given it away. Coles mum leaves the room, as she does she says “I am going to make you some triangle paintings, you have got an hour”. From this we assume that she is leaving Cole and Malcolm alone to talk. After Coles mum leaves, Malcolm and Cole play a game if Malcolm reads Coles mind correctly Cole has AS Carboxylic Acids Evaluative Help please! - The Student Room a step forwards (towards the chair) Leadership: Comparison of leadership between different leaders if Cole is thinking som.

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