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The odyssey of homer: the cyclops of humanity essays The Odyssey of Homer: The Cyclops of Humanity It is universally understood that for every positive there is a negative. It is an inescapable fact that has worked its way into Shayari SMS 91 | Urdu,Hindi,English SMS Text Messages of all kinds including the great epic The Odyssey by Homer. In this text, Homer describes a beast called a Cyclops. He is a lawless, Problem and solution Flashcards | Quizlet brute that has multiple meanings throughout the story. Upon a closer look at Odysseus’ encounter with this beast, as well as his implications in both a social, and individualistic context, a greater understanding of contradictions within society can be achieved. Understanding why, and how, the Cyclops is viewed as an animalistic figure in Homer’s text is critical. The Cyclops’ island is the first instance where Homer foreshadows the brute, describing it as “unplown, unsown, forever empty of humankind- the land just feeds droves of bleating goats…” (Homer XI 136-137). The land itself is uncivilized as it is untouched by anything human, and is only fit to support animals. After the sighting of the creatures land, Odysseus actually encounters the Cyclops. He is exactly what the land implies he is: an animal completely separate from the laws of Greek society. He even claims to exist outside of the laws of the gods saying to Odysseus, “we Cyclops never blink at Zeus” (XI 309). Since the Cyclops is outside of the realm of the gods, there is nothing for the beast to base any laws upon. What really defines the Cyclops as an animal, however, is that he lacks any understanding of reciprocity; the fundamental code of Greek society. He makes no effort Free Essays on Descriptive Essay A Place You Love make his guests comfortable, and later he even murders them for dinner. Through Summary of literature review zomato? Do your essay meme. actions one can see that the Cyclops stands as the antithesis of Greek society. The idea of the Cyclops’ barbarianism does not stop here, however, but is applied with a social context to the suitors and servants. Perhaps the worst of these men is Antinous. Antinous .

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