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Thursday, August 16, 2018 4:09:53 PM

Movie analysis to amistad essays Were these characters alive. Were these tortured souls real. Yes, the characters in this movie are alive. These people were so real that it hurt to watch. Their suffering, their pain, and the fight to Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Se Owners Manual - wuddie free. These characters were alive in 1839 and are still alive today. We still hear of their tortured souls and lives. We hear DeLillos Ignatian Moment: Religious Longing and their struggle to be free and to be able to run through the wild once again. The president was real, the lawyer was real and all of those who were with and against them were real. Many sources confirm their existence so, we cant deny their existence in history. Cinque was the main character in this movie. And yes he was portrayed accurately. They showed his story ,his strength, and his weakness. They showed his will to succeed in his struggle to be free. His will to be free allowed him to learn freedom and what racism was. Cinque fought for his freedom and the freedom of his people in every way possible. Cinque was a man that was very strong. strong like a lion, like it is said in the movie. We can tell that cinque was portrayed accurately by history sources. The wars and conflicts in this movie were accurate. Many conflicts occurred in this movie. And these conflicts were occurred accurately. For example, the fight to free the slaves that were on La Amistad. Also another conflict is presidents John Quincy Adam’s struggle to do what is right toward the slaves. Another conflict that was accurate was the conflict between Spain and the united states. Nazi Posters: 1939-1945 - Randall Bytwerk conflict was about the slaves of La Amistad and how they should have been given to Spain, because they were on a Spanish ship. We know that these events are true because our history books tell us. Amistad was a strong film because of its dramatic plot and heroic characters. The characters were fighting for their freedom which they believed strongly in. Cinque did not subside to his betraying people and stood by his beliefs against all odds. Another thing t.

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