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Custom Hate Speech Essay - EssaysWriters strugle for the california condor essays Lorin McNulty McNulty 1 Environmental Biology Biology Mid-Term 10 April 2000 THE STRUGGLE FOR THE CALIFORNIA CONDOR The natural environment of the modern world has been under siege for the better part of the past century. This has been due to many factors. The waste produced by an ever-expanding human population has tainted much of the natural resources available to both humans and animals alike. Efforts to curb this waste output and to more effectively dispose of the waste have failed in the mainstream. The constant change of the common environment instituted by humans who have collectively sought to modify their own habitat has exacted a high toll on the available habitat for lesser creatures. Constant waste production, poor disposal, Possessive Nouns: How to Use | AcademicHelp habitat encroachment have combined to render the balance of the natural world asunder. “The delicate and intricate balance of the natural world has been damaged by a dominant species that has commonly disregarded its inherent responsibility to garnish its actions concurrent with the world it shares with the rest of nature” (Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species. p3). An all too common result of this imbalance is the expiration of entire species of animals that are dependent on precious resources. Historically, the presence Internet and Democracy | pritamkabe humans McNulty 2 has exponentially accelerated the natural rate at which fringe species have met with extinction. Modern humans have followed their own ancient precedent in this regard. “Recorded evidence of early human settlement has shown that human presence alone had accelerated The Orchid Expert: Name That Orchid - and Get it to Flower rates to several times its natural rate” (Center for the Reproduction of Endangered Species. p4). However, it is a different precedent that modern Looking for a part-time writer (20h/week) with Romanian have sought with the advent of a new and more complete awareness of our collective role as the dominant species. Several recent advances in waste treatment are offering Order essay online cheap topography and geographic region analysis for tourists

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