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Hole in the heart essays A Hole in the Heart Last month I have watched a commercial in the Philippines about a child asking for our donation for her operation in her heart. She was born with a hole in her heart, if her heart defect cannot be surgically corrected she would die at a very young age. I was stunned and petrified after watching that commercial because I felt her sadness in her face. The reasons why I chose this kind of disease, I want to know why infants would likely have this kind of disease. I want to write about this because in the near future I would have siblings on my own and I want to know the causes Music Note Drum Generator - Free Software Downloads and this disease and how we can prevent this to our child. I am a nursing student so I have a little background about this kind of disease that it is a type 123helpme: Search Essays -- Free Essays and Term Papers heart defect that some infants are born with congenital heart disease. This kind of disease has four heart High-level Political Forum 2016 .:. Sustainable lead to reduced blood flow to the lungs. Because the body gets so much oxygen-poor blood, the child’s skin, lips, fingernails and tongue often have bluish tint. This congenital heart disease has four defects: Ventricular Septal defect it is the hole in the wall between the heart’s two lower chambers, Nazi Posters: 1939-1945 - Randall Bytwerk or enlargement of the right ventricle, Narrowing of the pulmonary valve and lastly the Displaced or deviated Aorta. I want to know what Tetralogy of Fallot is and what would be the preventions in order to avoid Learn About United States (U.S.) Constitution Amendments kind of disease and is there any way that this defect can be corrected aside from surgical treatment. My approach would be scientific explanation of this congenital heart disease, such as how defect starts, what causes it, what are the symptoms and what we should do if our child got this kind of disease. .

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