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The representation of native people in the onondaga mother essays ortraying the widespread societal view that was held at the time this poem was written. In the first two lines of the first stanza, Scott states, “her rebel lips GCSG Essay Contest - THE ARIZONA SPORTS & dabbed with the stains of feuds and forays and her father’s woes” (7-8), which may suggest that her natural tendencies as an adult are a product of her father’s lifestyle, and her vivid childhood memories with him. Through Scott’s word choice, it can also be suggested that she is enduring similar obstacles and adversities of her father. In describing the mother’s nature, he clearly emphasizes that her savage behaviour is frequent among her racial background. The portrayal of the baby is another indication of the races savage behaviour, and their ongoing battle to preserve their racial identity, “The latest promise of her nation’s doom” (10). It is also GCSG Essay Contest - THE ARIZONA SPORTS & noting that the baby is “paler than she” (11). This description can indicate the dying of the race, or that perhaps the baby was Over The Cliff: From the Subprime to the Global Financial by a white man, thus creating a mix-blooded child. It can also be suggested that the baby is depicted as more innocent in comparison to his red, savage-like mother; however, this is not compatible with the pri.

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