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Happiness vs. wealth essays Compare Contrast Essay English 1 A February 2, 2004 Subject: Happiness Thesis: True happiness without a lot of money is better than having everything you could want, except true happiness. Money can’t buy happiness. One of the common sayings of our society is true to form in many instances. There are many extremely wealthy people who just can’t seem to find contentment, where as a majority of “lower class” families are happy with their simple lives. When one has a happy life love comes naturally. Love in the framework of a marriage is a gentle, peaceful, and sweet kind of love. I am not saying that there are not moments of discord, but those are few and far between in happy marriage. Along with a happy marriage can sometimes follow a happy family. A family based in a loving home is one where the children are comforted in times of grief, praised in times of success, and supported at all times. Children who are raised to respect and honor those around them are the most common outcome. When children are treated this way they are more likely to be a happy person in their future. They see a near-perfect model of a loving, caring environment and see what a positive effect it had on their upbringing and want to emulate it for their own family. Happy people When I Met Jesus Christ Essay
others. A Essay of globalization - We Write Custom Research Paper wed of friendship connections surrounds a happy person. Others are unusually drawn to one who is cheerful, kind, and friendly. Lasting friendships are made because one feels comfortable and wanted when those around them are happy. When one is truly happy they tend to take that contentment inward. They are goal-driven and personally accountable to keeping themselves on the road to success. When one is just glad to be breathing they want to make the best and most out Transatlantic Slave Trade Database Analysis Lesson every situation, regardless of its gloomy appearance. A happy person loves life and wants to glow for everyone to see! One who has money, but lacks the warmth in the.

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