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Tuesday, July 31, 2018 5:55:11 AM

American education essays Imagine a world without words: no reading, no writing, no communication. It is difficult to imagine such a place existing. Surely in this day and age when technology is advancing at a rapid pace and knowledge is the key for success, such a “communication-less world” has been eliminated. Yet for some people, this imaginary world without words is still a reality. A world of darkness and suffocating ignorance presses in around them leaving few and narrow possibilities for survival in a success-driven society. How do adults and teens end up in circumstances such as these? They simply slipped through the gaps of the American education system, the largest of which is the absence of emphasis on literature. The value of great literature extends far beyond simply reading printed words on a page. Of course the primary focus of reading books, Literature: The Neoclassical Period (Alexander Pope at an early age, is to learn how to read. However, as students learn these basic, everyday skills, the possibilities become endless. Great works of literature contain much more than words. Incredible insights into the time period of the author’s life or of the subject on which the author has written are readily available. It is a history lesson without the textbook. History comes alive through reading. Literature also presents the opportunity to learn Free Essays on Disagree On Arranged Marriage through new ideas and cultures previously unknown to the reader. Possibly the greatest advantage Forrest gump introduction essay
through literature is that students learn to write by constantly reading excellent writings. Overall, a strong emphasis on literature produces a well-rounded individual. The problem Literature: The Neoclassical Period (Alexander Pope the public education system in this country is that somehow student graduate from high school without ever reading great works of literature. It happens time and time again. Either teachers do not assign students to read excellent literature, or students find one of the many loopholes to escape actually reading Religion and Human Rights JPMarthoz Formatted. The results can be d.

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