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Wednesday, August 01, 2018 5:57:03 AM

George orwell 1984 essays George Orwell 1984 Big A Year Without a Winter | Columbia University Press Street Brotherhood Island 19480 October 12, 2000 The World 2000 Millennium Dr. Global, 12345 Dear World, I feel as though I need to write everyone and comment on the similarities I have noticed between your present society and that of 1984. I wrote the novel 1984 to show how I feel society should act, and be governed. I feel that both1984 and present day society and 1984 have similar qualities, but you do have some areas that you needs to improve on in order to be a well-maintained society like 1984 was. The novel 1984 shows many similarities to your current society. Big Brother has a set of strict rules that everyone must follow, and if they did not follow them they were punished. A specific example of this is when Julia and O’Brien were sent to the ministry of love after committing a thought crime. This is also very obvious today, in which everyone must obey the laws of the government and if they are not obeyed then a punishment will result from the government. Kids in school today also have strict guidelines on what they are allowed to wear, and they also have restrictions on their actions. In 1984 regulations were also placed on the uniforms people were allowed Amazon: Homework Helpers: Biology (9781601631640 wear, and their actions were watched by Big Brother very closely. Telescreens were also used in by Big Brother so that he could watch over everyone and make sure that they were not doing anything that he did not approve of. This is also very obvious in our society today, in which e-mails can be read by th! e government and telephones A Year Without a Winter | Columbia University Press also tapped in order to keep control over people are doing. There were also organized rallies in Big Brother, which brought about everyone to come together and have a feeling of hate against another country. This is also obvious when countries go to war and there is an organized group of hate within that country against the country they are at war wit.

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