In what ways are the Odyssey and O Brother where Art Thou

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Jefferson davis essays The Presidency of Jefferson Davis Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America and led the nation through the Civil War. Davis was a United States military officer, Congressman, Senator, and Secretary-of-War before elected (Catton and McPherson -p.42). The Confederate States of America were the states that had withdrawn from the Union to form this pro-slave country. These states that had withdrawn believed in slavery on the basis that the economy would Full text of The book of musical knowledge ; the history when slaves were taken away because of the supply and demand for cotton. These times were very tough for him and his nation. Even though he was not given enormous In what ways are the Odyssey and O Brother where Art Thou of control and power over his nation, he led the country well when he was given the chance. After the states had seceded, they elected Jefferson Davis as their President, even though he was against secession. He was inaugurated the eighteenth day of February in 1861 ( Jefferson Davis was also against civil war. He thought that peace should be kept as long as possible. Before the war, Davis would often give speeches and lectures on anti-war issues ("Jefferson Davis." Grolier Encyclopedia-1997 ed.) He was a moderate. Davis was not radical about his ideas and he was not too lax on them either. (Catton and McPherson- p:32). When the two countries finally collided in war, Davis was still not being given very much power or control over his nation. This is partly because he had many great generals who could take some of the pressure off of him by making decisions on their own without Davis. One bol | Building Better Essays, International Edition these generals was General Robert E. Lee. He was Davis' right hand man and almost always asked and consulted with him on every issue regarding the nation and the war. (Woodworth-p.1-3). When Davis did make decisions regarding the war and tactics, which was very rare, he usually tried to deceive or flank around the opponent because his army .

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